December 2017

Preservation of Social Work of the Church of Korea

July 2009

Daejeon Food Market No. 3 Opens

April 2008

Designation of a temporary shelter for missing children in Daejeon

January 1999

Launching Food-Bank Project in Daedeok-gu

February 1992

Completion and relocation of 269 Yeonchuk-dong, Daedeok-gu, Sungwoo Children Center

June 1989

Temporary relocation to Sunhwa-dong for the redevelopment project of the SeongWoo Children Center in Dunsan.

April 1988

director Kim Ik-ja of SeongWoo Children Center Inauguration (2nd)

October 1987

Kim Jae-hwan, founder of SeongWoo Children Center, return to Heaven

September 1970

Newly Built Transfer to Tanbang-dong in SeongWoo Children Center


Chungnam Childrens Protection Center (currently Chung Rim-won) was established by Kim Jae-hwan, the late president of the institute.

August 1956

Newly-built relocation to Yongdu-dong, SeongWoo Children Center

November 1952

Kim Jae-hwan, the late president of the institute, established SeongWoo Children Center, a welfare facility (Samsung-dong)