First, We will pursue tradition and innovation.

As an excellent childrens facility over 60 years old, we will present a new social welfare company model to Korea in line with the transformation of social welfare facility operation and changing times.

Second, We will encompass the region and the world.

In Korean society, there are many differences in information, education, and resources between Seoul and Gyeonggi and other regions. The SW welfare foundation will try to reduce this gap. And the world will change into a society where world citizenship is required. In line with these trends, the SW Welfare Foundation will play a role as a citizen of the world.

Third, Thrid, We will be a foundation where employees are happy and grow with them.

When SW Welfare Foundation paints the future, my heart beats. Not only me but all the employees will try to live a happy and heart-warming life. Its a good relationship

“Its a good relationship”

This phrase is hung in my room. I hope the SW Welfare Foundation and you have a very good relationship.

President of Welfare Foundation